Life is tough.

But with a brave mind and a brave spine, you can handle it.

Why we believe in Pilates.

Here at Brave Spine Pilates, we guide you to control the mind and master the body. Throughout our 60-minute Pilates exercises, we will not be satisfied with mindless repetitions and bullets of sweat. Instead, we make sure every repetition is controlled and targeted at your deepest muscles. We train your mind to move your body from a strong, stable core. We help you articulate your joints, making room for a long, lean and flexible body. Most of all, they leave you energized and centered - and brave to tackle the rest of your day!

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At Brave Spine Pilates, we believe:

Investing in your wellness is an investment well-spent.

The body awareness you gain from your Pilates practice extends beyond classes into washing the dishes and playing golf. Regular Pilates practice can help prevent and fix lower back pain, muscular tightness, scoliosis, and even insures against hip replacement.

Quality over quantity.

Throughout our 60-minute Pilates exercises, we will focus on the how well you work out, not how hard. We build sustainable results through smart workouts, not boot camp mentality.

Small classes and personalized care.

Our equipment classes accommodates only 4 participants per class, giving you personalized care throughout your session.

It's not just for the ladies!

The practice of Pilates are beneficial for any person regardless of age and gender. Elders, CEOs, post-natal mothers, athletes, hipster baristas, techpreneurs, and even children are all welcome! After all, the practice was invented by Joseph Pilates (a German gentleman!) for war veterans to restore their range of motion.

Are you interested in a private session, or are you looking to exercise with fellow brave spiners? We have both options for you. Taught only by certified BASI Pilates instructors, our classes are small in size, an hour in length, and always customized to fit your pace so you can reap the full benefits of Pilates.

Frequently asked questions.

Book a class or session.

To book a class or session, or to inquire about our services, reach out to us by phone or WhatsApp at +62-811-8812-307. Or, email us at